Why Eat According to Solar Timing?

According to my friend Christina Ponsot (owner/operator of the Riverview Cafe in Yelapa, Mexico) ...

I eat according to Solar Nutrition, the right food at the time of day when the enzymes are at their peak, according to the angle of the sun (density of light).

This allows for complete digestion of the food, and a minimum of fermentation, which is the result of weak enzymes produced at times of day when they are not at their peak.

For instance, eating outside of the proper time cycle -- tree fruit at night instead of in the morning, or eggs for breakfast, when they are best eaten at night. The enzymes for the digestion of eggs are at their most potent at night. The chicken manufactures the egg at night using the enzymes at their most potent state to do this. They then lay them in the morning.

One has more energy and fewer health problems due to less fermentation, which causes gas buildup, weight gain, and many other health issues. One also achieves their ideal weight by eating this way.

Food served at my Riverview Cafe is according to the Solar Nutrition way.

Cut your weight and keep it off.
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How To Double Your Calories & Still Lose Weight

People waste time counting calories. It’s better to burn them. A calorie is not a unit of mass. It’s a unit of heat potential. I challenged two women to double their calories and lose weight by using solartiming …

The first woman to accept my challenge was an unconventional lady named Mary (not her real name). She and her husband often spent the night in their camping trailer parked near the front door of the health food store I managed.

Mary got in my face and scoffed, "That’s PREPOSTEROUS! I’m going to prove you wrong by STUFFING my face with food. I’m even going to eat the doughnuts and coffee [in the afternoon] just like you told me."

She returned to Scandia seven days later, noticeably thinner, so I commented, "It looks like you’ve lost weight." She admitted … "I’ve lost seven pounds. I don’t understand it, but you were right."

The second woman to take the Solartiming challenge was Mindy (not her real name). She walked into the health food store, and asked what I thought about high-protein diet products.

  • "Not much," I replied. Mindy protested, pointing to a can of protein powder she’d removed from the shelf.
  • "But I’ve lost weight on them before. I’ve lost weight on THIS one several times before."
  • "Just how many times have you lost weight on protein powders? How many times have you been using them to diet?" I asked.
  • "Quite a few times," she admitted.
  • "My point exactly," I said. "What good is a diet that you have to stay on all the time? Sounds like a merry-go-round to me. In fact, it’s called yo-yo dieting, and it’s definitely not good for your health. I study with a guy who taught me that …"
  • "Abstinence cures NOTHING."

Mindy stayed for a two-hour consultation on Solartiming Nutrition. I repeated the same claim I made to Mary, telling Mindy she could double her calories and still lose weight.

Ten days elapsed, and Mindy didn’t return to the store. I wondered if "eating on time" wasn’t working for her or if she was upset with me for being a bit too sure of myself. I stopped at a gas station on the way out of town at twilight of that tenth day, and there was Mindy …

  • "Wow," she said, "I was just thinking about coming to see you, and here you are."
  • "That’s the way it often works. And I see you’ve definitely lost some weight," I mentioned.
  • "Ten pounds," she confirmed.
  • "And it looks like you’ve been hanging out at the beach. That’s a great tan," I continued.
  • "No," Mindy replied. "My complexion just CHANGED. My boyfriend came back from his vacation, and he was amazed. He asked, 'Who ARE you? I don’t even know who you are! You’re a whole different person.'"

Over two decades passed before I learned HOW Mindy "tanned," and how it related to Adano Ley changing from a yellow man to a red man in front of my very eyes.

"We are the society of regenerative people. When we retire, we get new tires" -- Adano Ley

"You are when and what you eat"

Let's fight Yellow Fat Disease!

... the cause of all 21st century most popular diseases: ALS, Alzheimers, Autism, Dementia, Heart Attack, MS, Parkinson's, Stroke, etc. Why didn't your grandparents have Yellow Fat Disease? Because they never took DHA, or fish oils, nor did they eat polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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