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Adano Ley & Atom Bergstrom
Who are your teachers and mentors?
Chef André: For cooking, every chef I've ever worked for, mostly Patrick Mitchell. […] And Adano Ley, Atom Bergstrom and Ginger Cornell for keeping my spirit clean. Chef Interview: André Natera, Sept. 14, 2015

Recent photo of Carol Crosby, who's been eating on time for 30+ years.
Here she is 64 revolutions around the sun… No, not 24, sixty-four.

Adano Ley was, well… the son of two black belts, a mystic, a shaman, a profoundly brilliant man…, yet more than all of this, he had the unique experience of combining a fall off a three story building which put him in complete body traction for over a year, with his knowledge of the circadian body rhythm used by martial artists and acupuncturists.

This predicament caused… FORCED him to merge the two. He began by realizing that he could eat a food at one time of the day and it caused huge pain. The same food eaten at another time, did not. From there he realized that the pain came from the gasses formed as by products of digestion which moved slower or faster depending on the time of day.

He could not move around freely to push the gasses through as we do when we walk and such, so his body became an acute monitor by which he studied. His body became his own lab rat within the lab of his own mind’s research.

The ancient martial art study of the angle of the sun and its affect on various body parts and organs was part of his knowledge as it developed in the agrarian, even warring societies whose survival depended upon understanding the relationship of light on all life, plants and animals. But he discovered, through that year of total non-movement, the refined relationship between the light that formed the food and the circadian clock we carry within our physical bodies; our bodies and parts having been formed by light as well.

Atom, being the research wizard he is, has spent his life pouring through dusty medical books on forgotten library shelves and now through dense pdf files on the internet, proving the science he learned from Adano years ago.

A fascinating item here is an informative portion of his studies comes from the General Electric company and their suppressed research on light and its affect on living mechanisms. He goes into these factors and stories and teachings in his blog on Patrick Timpone’s site, on his Facebook pages and in his books, including the solar science ‘bible’ "Yes, No, Maybe – Chronobiotic Nutrition."

Now he has finally developed a site just for disseminating all this knowledge. It’s You can also catch him on the first Monday of the month on All his archives for the past years are there as well. He actually does address the foraging eating of early man that you mention and how that ties into sun synchronized eating.

One aside from me, having eaten this way since 1975/76… I have found to be true something Adano said when I first began solar eating. That food, eaten in its time zone is tastier and more satisfying than when consumed out of time. He explained it’s because the organs are being fed at the time of the day their exact signatures are designed to accept those particular foods.

And, although, like all sciences, Sun Synchronized eating can be taken to extremes of infinity, I go by the three basic zones for morning, noon and night meals. That would be to eat for the head in the a.m., the entrails/digestive region at noon and the reproductive areas during evening meals.

Full moon time is a chance to depart from the norm. I call it scheduled lune-acy. Yet I am not tied to a regimented system and depart from this pattern if and when the mood strikes. Having eaten for my initial 30 plus years without following the sun, I do feel my current health and well being might be because of the past 30 or so years of having eaten solarly. CC
Sun Sync Nutrition
My Mother uses a breathing machine, has sinus trouble (has had them surgically "cleaned" out due to multiple infections), is borderline diabetic and has been getting re-occurring bladder infections recently. As soon as her antibiotics run out, it comes back. I talked to her about solar nutrition and eating to support particular organs and she decided to try it. We went shopping Monday night for foods to support the bladder and made up a solar meal plan for her for the week. Friday morning I asked her if we could get together and talk about how it's going. She wrote me back saying, "well, for one thing, I don't feel congested at night before bed and I am finally getting some sleep because I can breathe!!!"  WOW! — 4 days and already improving. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information! Laurie (May 12, 2013 comment on One Radio Network)

We haven't kept track of feedback in live radio shows very well, but we may add pointers as we encounter it. Here is one from a One Radio Network listener …

It went against everything I thought I knew about food combining and what my stomach would digest, but the first day I did it, it was like magic. I mean, if I can eat my nuts, I can eat my banana — which I thought would NOT go — and even my high-percentage chocolat … And I have my cobalamin tonic. And it works! And I can tell! If I "break the rules" my body doesn't like it. My body likes to eat the way that Atom is teaching, and I just wanted to give that feedback. It's amazing. Denise (ORN, Mar. 7, 2016)

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