Sounds Fun…??

Bloopers and Funny Fabrications

This is where our webmaster — with his measly audio skills — is trying to mock my bloopers and pulling everything out of context…!

Here is my reply…

Atom Leaving People WOWed…!(July 4, 2017 – 41 parts)

  • Patrick Timpone (One Radio Network)
  • Justin & Kate (Extreme Health Radio)
  • Patrick McGean †2019 (Sulfur Hour)
  • John from Dallas (voice clashes)
  • Vibrant Gal (sounds from ORN 2016.06.02 show)
  • Lucyane (sounds from ORN 2015.08.03 call)
  • Robert from Houston: "Is that Atom on the phone??"
  • Dr. David A Steenblock (embedded throat sound at 0:38)

These sound clips were produced by mixing (often unrelated) sound bites together in a hopefully amusing way …

Disclaimer: Some fake sounding moments actually happened for real!