The Diamond Body is the "True and Genuine Body"

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

"Above all, my dear brothers and sisters, don't practice suicide."
"The reason we grow old is because we see other people aging and dying."
"We are atomic energy that is immortal and won't quit."
"We are the Society of Regenerative People. When we retire, we get new tires."
"Conscious immortality is to 'live and die daily in the Lord.'"
"The 'Superior Man' of the I Ching refers to the Diamond Body."
"Aging is suspended if the hormones are on time."
"Synchronous timing is non-breakdown moment-to-moment living."
"Breath-free is put into the ground. Breathless we live until Midnight Eternity."
"Man is a breatharian organism, but he has to work through the oral processes."
"You know, Living to Die offers no future. So you might as well start shifting gears, and start Living to Live."
"If you're 'absolved in Christ,' you rot. If you're 'made in Christ,' you don't rot."
"The Diamond Man is the resurrected man, just as Christ was resurrected. Christ knew how to turn energy back into matter. We can turn matter into energy simply by digestion of food, and scientists can duplicate this by releasing atomic energy from physical matter. However, we cannot as yet turn energy back into matter – akin to putting the atomic explosion back in the bomb, or vomiting a sandwich up whole. But resurrection, turning energy back into matter, means just that."
"There's only one opportunity that is greater than being born in a human body on Earth – sticking around in a human body forever. My DNAs and RNAs are set up to give me butterfly-hood. Instead of Living to Die, I prefer Living to Live, and I can only live now."
Eat to live in order not to eat. This is the principle of initiation or baptism. It is an encapsulation of time in order to satisfy an urgency in the mechanism. But man does not live by bread alone, by indirect input of 144 minerals via a mouth process, but directly through the Mouth of God, where sperm and ovum bonded through an electromagnetic process. Male or female is how to accentuate the commitment. Interlocking waves of sonics are constantly maintaining it: immortality, non-decomposition. What you say, live it. Otherwise you gotta do it a second time."
"The body is living dust – 144 elements. We're only as old as we think. The secret of health and life and ever-newness is 'I am so many revolutions around the Sun' – momentum. It may not work if the child is fed incorrectly. It may work if the child is fed correctly."

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