Updates / Features

Site Updates

Audio interviews are added without notice (usually one or two a month).

Site Features

Some features we find particularly worth mentioning …

  • The Sun Sync blog list / HQ page keeps close record of new (subscriber) blogs, organizes them in a smooth category picker, and offers an efficient way to view and share hundreds of "Anything Atom" links! (read its ( ? ) tab for instructions).
  • A neat and well-linked Interviews page must have at least 300 hours of audio.
  • Make a difference by reading/sharing the invaluable Yellow Fat Disease page.
  • The diverse sound bites in Sound Facts should be a helpful and attention-grabbing introduction to my work for you to enjoy or share.
  • Scattered throughout you'll find photos and diagrams from my time with Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) — many from my personal archive.
  • Get Yes, No, Maybe — Chronobiotic Nutrition with my autograph and cheaper than on Amazon dot com.
  • For those who love to research, there are cool tips on the Researcher Tips page.
  • If you can dig some friendly teasing or naughty humour, you'll be sure to have a few laughs with the supporter contributions on the Funny Pictures page, and the Sounds Fun…?? page
  • We're trying to pick our colors for the site to still look pretty clear when using software to filter out some of the blue light from your screen (e.g. f.lux).
  • Oh and by the way… You better not watch our residing Pac Man to the very end!