Updates / Features

Site Updates
  • 07.26.17: New page for audio bloopers / fabrications: Sounds Fun…??
  • 07.26.17: New pages: Videos by Atom, Interviews (video)
  • 07.26.17: Sound Facts added, rearranged, and more pages!
  • 11.21.16: New e-book: The Heart Is Not a Pump
  • 11.07.16: New e-book: Yellow Fat Disease Volume III and Value Pack (3 volumes)
  • 05.25.16: New e-book: Fish Oil Is Snake Oil — The Biggest Supplement Scam
  • 05.11.16: Sharing HQ: Keywords for small screens are now inside… pills! Keywords are also displaying the amount of hits per category now.
  • 05.08.16: Sharing HQ: Find your keywords more easily in a now alphabetic and columnized pick list (except on phones); E-books & store items will now be included among the relevant results in an extra list; 'close/open' & 'back to top' buttons added on bars; 'COPIED' message enhanced.
  • 05.06.16: Sharing HQ: Easy list building and more checkbox options added. Toggling is now bringing the house down! ;-)
  • 05.05.16: Sharing HQ: A newly clicked title (copied to clipboard) gets a highlight.
  • 05.04.16: Sharing HQ has 2 new checkbox options.
  • 05.02.16: Emergence of this page and some cool new general navigation & sharing functionality in Sun Sync blog list / HQ (see tabs); New ORN interview.
  • Added a dozen extra sound bites to the Yellow Fat Disease page.
  • End of April 2016: Font change for improved readability; pages respaced for a neater look across all devices; behind-the-scenes refactoring and bug squashing.
  • May 2015: First responsive/mobile-ready version of Solar Timing. NO tracking. NO Google Analytics. NO social network code bloat. Any cookies still involved probably come with the technology and PayPal integration.
Site Features

Some features we find particularly worth mentioning …

  • The Sun Sync blog list / HQ page keeps close record of new (subscriber) blogs, organizes them in a smooth category picker, and offers an efficient way to view and share hundreds of "Anything Atom" links! (read its ( ? ) tab for instructions).
  • A neat and well-linked Interviews page must have at least 150+ hours of audio.
  • Make a difference by reading/sharing the invaluable Yellow Fat Disease page.
  • The diverse sound bites in Sound Facts should be a helpful and attention-grabbing introduction to my work for you to enjoy or share.
  • Scattered throughout you'll find photos and diagrams from my time with Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) — many from my personal archive. More to come!
  • Get Yes, No, Maybe — Chronobiotic Nutrition with my autograph and cheaper than on Amazon dot com.
  • For those who love to research, there's a cool tip on Atom's eBooks & Tips page.
  • If you can dig some friendly teasing or naughty humour, you'll be sure to have a few laughs with the supporter contributions on the Funny Pictures page!
  • We're trying to pick our colors for the site to still look pretty clear when using software to filter out some of the blue light from your screen (e.g. f.lux).
  • Oh and by the way… You better not watch our residing Pac Man to the very end!