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Site Updates

New audio interviews are added without notice (usually one to three a month).

Site Features

Some features we find particularly worth mentioning …

  • Although this site may be tagged as "unsafe" due to still using http (not https), there is actually NO deliberate tracking for our benefit, NO Google Analytics, NO social network code bloat. Any possible cookies still involved may come from PayPal integration or up to three stored via the Sound Facts page only (read about them there).
  • The Sun Sync blog list / HQ page keeps record of new (subscriber) blogs, organizes them in a smooth category picker, and offers an efficient way to view and share hundreds of "Anything Atom" links! (read its ( ? ) tab for instructions).
  • A neat Interviews page is probably pointing to at least 500 hours of audio.
  • Make a difference by reading/sharing the invaluable Yellow Fat Disease page.
  • The diverse sound bites in Sound Facts should be a helpful and attention-grabbing introduction to my work for you to enjoy or share (as a page or specific sound bite).
  • Scattered throughout you'll find photos and diagrams from my time with Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) — many from my personal archive.
  • Get Yes, No, Maybe — Chronobiotic Nutrition with my autograph and cheaper than on Amazon dot com.
  • For those who love to research, there are cool tips on the Researcher Tips page.
  • If you can dig some friendly teasing or naughty humour, you'll be sure to have a few laughs with the supporter contributions on the Funny Pictures page, and the Sounds Fun…?? page
  • We're trying to pick our colors for the site to still look pretty clear when using software to filter out some of the blue light from your screen (e.g. f.lux).
  • Oh and by the way… You better not watch our residing Pac Man to the very end!