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Dynamic Energy Techniques

$29.99(30 mins)

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Atom explains and demonstrates how to activate and deactivate the Central Meridian by "splitting the visual field" (law enforcement's explanation) or by zipping up or unzipping the meridian (esoteric explanation).

Atom also explains and demonstrates Life Flow and Magnetic Flow techniques that follow Blood Flow and the minerals traveling along with blood circulation.

Brain Tapping and Temporal Line techniques are also described and shown.

Back in the day, I demonstrated the basic "zipping" and "unzipping" techniques to my friend Bill of Bill's Novels & News. The next day a martial artist entered the store, and Bill asked, "Hey, you want to see something cool?" After being zipped down and up a few times, and weakened and strengthened accordingly, the man exclaimed, "My Master never showed me THAT!!!! It's unlikely you'll ever see these techniques anywhere else!